Impact Measurement

Wisconsin exhibits some of the highest rates of racial and socioeconomic disparity in the US. Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Applied Population Laboratory suggests that African Americans and Latinos in Wisconsin are disproportionally represented among business owners. African Americans constitute 6.2% of Wisconsin’s population but only own 4.4% of businesses; Latinos also comprise 6.2% of the population but only own less than 1% of businesses.

Wisconsin also exhibits other critical socioeconomic disparities by race/ethnicity within its population that reflects a complex landscape of continuing inequalities.

Poverty Rates in Wisconsin

Percent people below poverty by race/ethnicity: Wisconsin, 100%, 1980-2014

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Income in Wisconsin

Median hourly wage by race/ethnicity: Wisconsin 2014

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Home Ownership in Wisconsin

Percent owner-occupied households by race/ethnicity: Wisconsin 2014

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