Equitable access to economic opportunity can transform lives!

Invest in Wisconsin's goals are to improve the economic well-being of individuals and communities by building assets and capacity to enable our partners to provide access to capital for everyone.

Changing Lives

Small consumer auto loans help with transportation to improve job possibilities. 

Affordable housing allows low-income individuals and families to stay in their communities. 

Small business loans help owners either start or grow their operations, creating better jobs and opportunities in both rural and urban areas. 

Loans to purchase new or improve community facilities and the services offered, help neighborhoods to connect, flourish and thrive.

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Impact Measurement

All Invest in Wisconsin partners carefully measure the impact of their activities throughout the state on an annual basis. This provides important feedback for impact investor partners, grantors and financial gift donors. At the same time, Invest in Wisconsin partners use data capture to dynamically optimize their strategies and activities to ensure that needs are being met or where further deployment of outreach and services is demanded.

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