Driving sustainable change

Invest in Wisconsin partners are strong and active community development financial institutions (CDFls) that are delivering positive social improvement, statewide in Wisconsin.

Recognizing that superior capacity and capability to implement and achieve social goals is accomplished best by collaboration, Invest in Wisconsin represents a unique social impact investment opportunity.  Each partner member has an impressive track record of community impact and as a strong and nimble partnership; Invest in Wisconsin is working synergistically together in economically distressed communities to drive sustainable lasting change.

The Power of Partnership

Uniquely in the CDFI world, Invest in Wisconsin operates an effective collaborative management structure that pools outreach, know-how, skills and experience from each of its partners, which flows through to all its initiatives. This collaborative methodology delivers ‘big picture’ understanding as well as the mechanisms and reach to track diverse developing trends and impact to ensure that needs and economic programs really match.

As one of our lead investors, JPMorgan Chase via its PRO Neighborhoods initiative has recognized Invest in Wisconsin for its entrepreneurial collaborative approach to delivering successful  solutions in economically distressed communities with an award of $2.68 million.

Small Business & Consumer Auto Loans

When traditional forms of financing such as banks or credit unions are not an option for obtaining a small business or consumer auto loan, Invest in Wisconsin partners provide equal opportunity lending to individuals, households and organizations that do not meet bank financing criteria.

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Affordable Housing & Mission-Based Organization Lending

Rehabilitation of aging housing stock, repurposing derelict buildings, financing to support multi-family affordable rental developments or home construction for home buyers and first-time owners are just some of the programs that the partners of Invest in Wisconsin offer.

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Technical Assistance and Business Coaching

Know-how and experience is a vital part of running a successful business. Invest in Wisconsin partners recognize that new business owners can find the early years challenging.

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