FCI’s April Game Changer Grant Goes to Safe & Sound

April 22, 2018
Donald Harris

Safe & Sound is a Milwaukee-based organization dedicated to creating safe neighborhoods via the power of communication. Their Face to Face workshops engages community residents, youth and law enforcement officers to whittle away at the barriers caused by racial stereotyping. Face to Face was initially created to work with youth, but its success led Safe & Sound to add adults to the mix of voices. Previous workshop participants include Mayor Tom Barret, members of the Milwaukee Bucks, multiple levels of law enforcement and residents from various Milwaukee communities.The series of five workshops that comprise Face to Face are held in different neighborhoods across Milwaukee and include conversations about stereotypes, the history of segregation in Milwaukee, similarities that go across groups and healing. The final workshop includes the production of a project that contributes to increased community safety and engagement.“Yeah, there are tough, uncomfortable conversations that take place during this workshop, but that leads to discovering a place of understanding for the groups involved,” states Damien Smith, Safe and Sound’s District 5 Youth Organizer.It’s hoped that participation in Face to Face will result in an understanding of why and how the breaking down stereotypes will lead to expanded collaborations, friendships, partnerships and safer neighborhoods.