Senators Tammy Baldwin and Cory Booker Meet and Network With Young Black Professionals in Madison

March 16, 2018
Donald Harris

“Elections are determined by what happens in the grassroots,” U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey told a crowd of young African-American professionals and business entrepreneurs from the Madison area at Table Wine on Madison’s near east side on March 4. “The opposite of justice is not injustice; the opposite of justice is inaction, indifference, apathy. We are so much greater than the reality we are experiencing right now. Our nation’s history shows that there is nothing that we can’t do in the United States of America, yet the issue is not ‘can we?’ it’s ‘Do we have the collective will?'”

Sen. Booker and Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin were in Madison on Sunday afternoon to meet and greet with young black (and a few Latino) professionals at the invitation of host committee members who organized the event including Adam Barr, a health IT professional, Alder Maurice Cheeks; Sabrina Madison, founder of the Progress Center for Black Women; Savion Castro, a research associate at One Wisconsin Now; Ali Muldrow, the director of youth programming and inclusion at GSAFE; and Walter Williams, a high school counselor in Verona.