The work of Invest in Wisconsin highlighted in AEO webinar

June 26, 2017

Invest in Wisconsin was recently featured in a webinar titled "Strength in Numbers: Building an Effective Coalition" hosted by the Association for Opportunity Enterprise (AEO).

Partner WWBIC's CEO/CVO Wendy Baumann talked about the formation and ethos of the Invest in Wisconsin collaborative as the partners deliver complementary affordable business, community facility, and consumer auto loan products throughout the state.

Invest in Wisconsin is developing new tools for social outreach and impact measurement to look critically beyond current metrics, see new trends and share data to determine best in class strategies for economic development initiatives to effectively secure continuing growth in businesses and jobs with improved community spaces that support healthy, vibrant neighborhoods in Wisconsin.

Recently Invest in Wisconsin hosted a CDFI Day at the Wisconsin Capitol and the partners have just concluded a very successful advocacy effort with state lawmakers in Madison. During the webinar, Wendy shared her insights and wisdom on delivering powerful influence through a state-wide coalition of CDFIs.